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Meet the Team


Ayan Mahdi-Belizaire

Allo! My name is Ayan Mahdi-Belizaire (she/they), outreach & creative director of our humble collective. Born & raised in Montreal, I pride myself in lending my creative mind to finding new ways to give back to my city’s beautiful communities in manners that last. A lover of all things relating to words, sounds and their meaning, I am a first year student in Linguistics at Concordia University and a classically trained jazz vocalist. 


Personally knowing just how transformative access to mental health support can be for BIPOC Canadians, my interests in mental health stem from family history & first hand experiences. 


On a more personal note, my second home is Southern California, more specifically San Bernardino. The only place I love as much as Montreal, for the food and weather. But no other place beats the 514 as a cultural metropolitan. If you ask anyone who knows me well, what three words would best describe me? Prince, plants & pizza. For anything more, feel free to ask me yourself!


Jodie-Ann Muckler

Hey! I’m Jodie-Ann Muckler (they/them), co-director responsible for administration and development. Born and raised in Montreal (Parc-Ex represent!), I have been working on this project since its very beginnings in 2018. I am a registered social worker specialized in anti-racist and anti-oppressive approaches, particularly supporting racialised people in their process of finding healing despite our current structures of capitalism, racism, etc. I am passionate about this work not only professionally, but also because of the enormous personal impact having a racialized mental health professional has had on my own mental health and healing journey. 


On a more chill note, I love cats and I have two at home! I also spent much of my childhood in New York City, which I consider to be my second home. 

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