Meet the Team


Ayan Mahdi-Belizaire

Allo! My name is Ayan Mahdi-Belizaire (she/they), outreach & creative director of our humble collective. Born & raised in Montreal, I pride myself in lending my creative mind to finding new ways to give back to my city’s beautiful communities in manners that last. A lover of all things relating to words, sounds and their meaning, I am a first year student in Linguistics at Concordia University and a classically trained jazz vocalist. 


Personally knowing just how transformative access to mental health support can be for BIPOC Canadians, my interests in mental health stem from family history & first hand experiences. 


On a more personal note, my second home is Southern California, more specifically San Bernardino. The only place I love as much as Montreal, for the food and weather. But no other place beats the 514 as a cultural metropolitan. If you ask anyone who knows me well, what three words would best describe me? Prince, plants & pizza. For anything more, feel free to ask me yourself!


Jodie-Ann Muckler

Hey! I’m Jodie-Ann Muckler (they/them), co-director responsible for administration and development. Born and raised in Montreal (Parc-Ex represent!), I have been working on this project since its very beginnings in 2018. I am a registered social worker specialized in anti-racist and anti-oppressive approaches, particularly supporting racialised people in their process of finding healing despite our current structures of capitalism, racism, etc. I am passionate about this work not only professionally, but also because of the enormous personal impact having a racialized mental health professional has had on my own mental health and healing journey. 


On a more chill note, I love cats and I have two at home! I also spent much of my childhood in New York City, which I consider to be my second home. 


Doris Nyilidandi

Doris (she/her) is a political science student from Concordia University with an interest in web development. She believes in raising awareness and access to mental health support in the BIPOC community, and joined TLC to create a tool that would help connect individuals to BIPOC mental health professionals.When not in school or working, you’ll probably find her spending time with family, friends or exploring Montreal searching for a new restaurant to try out.