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Mission Statement

The Lavender Collective is a Black-led community effort, that advocates for culturally relevant mental health related needs in BIPOC communities through education, network and resource building. 

At its core, the Lavender Collective’s BIPOC Mental Health Registry was created from the growing demand and need to render mental health support and treatment more accessible to racialized individuals and marginalized communities. For both the racialized practitioner and client, the shared experiences of navigating the intersection of race and cultural identity in the mental health system, amidst various structural issues at play, has given them a unique perspective.

In recognizing that distinctive commonality, we aim to simplify the coming together of practitioners and clients by offering this tool as a bridge of understanding - specific to the racialized experience. By building this, we hope to serve our communities and sustain a standard of continuous growth; for individual and collective healing. 

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